Prepare your business against power blackouts

October 27, 2014
Prepare your business against power blackouts

Power blackouts are a scary possibility each company faces from time to time. While continuous blackouts are now not a normal occurrence (unlike the 1998 Auckland power crisis), blackouts of a longer duration within a day is still a possibility in some occasions (mostly notified). Given the relatively easier access to electricity now, it can sometimes be taken for granted. While electricity is normally available throughout the day, the possibility exists that it may go off for at least a few minutes, as happened in Auckland recently and must be factored in wherever the store is.

Of course the obvious solution is to buy a generator. They can be a godsend when the lights go out suddenly. In the matter of the point of sale system, power outages can be fatal for some businesses. Customers who carry only cards may walk away rather than wait for the electricity to come back on, and this could lead to a drop in that day’s income. A generator can be a lifesaver in these circumstances, especially given our increasing dependence on cards. They are easily available for rent, and should be a considered option for all businesses. And in the case of some businesses, for example ice cream vans, this might be the best option.

However, not all businesses can afford a generator. Some small businesses are daunted by the fact that a generator’s initial cost is high and the maintenance is also high. For them, it is not the obvious choice. For them, there needs to be other options. It is not easy to ensure that one’s business can run without electricity. However, there are some simple steps that can be taken.

Get your company outfitted for mobile payments, where you will be using mobiles to make the payments. This will allow all clients to complete the transaction immediately. This is the easiest method to ensure that both you and your customer remain happy and you stay competitive without being disturbed by interruptions to power supply. This allows the customer to make the payment securely, in comfort and with speed, using a simple device he or she is very used to.

Additionally, the mobile point of sale method offered by CyberCom Pay is an excellent system that gives you even more freedom and is more convenient. It allows you to receive payments securely from anywhere at any time, sell online, sell with the mobile (you can take the transaction to the customer’s door without a problem), and you can sell more with their built-in systems. This opens up your market for clientele of various strata, and also brings you peace of mind with in-built features to know your customer and to transact in over 24 currencies.


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