Double your business, with payment services - now easier with your mobile data

October 15, 2014
Double your business with payment services - now easier with your mobile data

Successfully managing a business in the current information is a challenging task. Businesses must compete with not only the physically present competitors in one’s own country, but also with competitors offering products and services on the Internet. More and more consumers are now purchasing goods and services online, and also expect that every business will at least have information of their products online. Online transactions are seen as the height of comfort and ease, and more and more consumers are turning to the Internet for things they need.

In such a context, a company cannot afford to be left behind. If the company has no presence on the web, there is a chance, even a slight one, of losing potential customers. Customers lose interest if they cannot find what they need. Thus, it is a good thing for companies to embrace technology. One of the ways to make the maximum use of available technology is to use mobile payment systems. The majority of people carry a mobile now, and are constantly logged on to the internet. They do multiple searches a day, make payments online, and keep up-to-date via their mobile devices. It is also the one thing they never leave behind wherever they go. Hence, companies must target this new customer base and integrate mobile payment systems into their business.

In a recent partnership with Spark, Optimizer has addressed this very well. The mobile POS system by CyberCom Pay mobile in partnership with Spark is a convenient method for both customer and company. It can be used anywhere and anytime, as long as you have a mobile signal on your smartphone or tablet. The system is easy to use and offers excellent services and low rates, and is especially viable for small business holders. You can sell anywhere and manage your inventory, customers and money easily with the Spark mobile POS system. You can accept credit cards online, doubling your business and revenue. The customizable subscription templates help with recurrent bills, and the real-time reporting and the MySwipe subscriber portal allows you to manage your customers, and your business, better.

Swipe mobile also allows you to transact in 24 currencies without foreign exchange fees. Also, there is no charge extra for your "card not present" transactions. The system allows you to get to know your customer better with the CRM system where you can collect the customer’s purchase data, integrate your services with email marketing, and build relationships. CyberCom Pay mobile also allows you to securely send invoices to your customers, track invoice and payment links and manages your cash flow, thus bringing you a world of convenience and allowing you to double your business.


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